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JMI, Pricing Consultant, 

Researcher, Speaker, Teacher

Jean-Manuel Izaret is a consultant at BCG

and Fellow with the Bruce Henderson Institute

He has more than 25 years of experience

in Pricing and Revenue Management

The focus of his research is on innovative

Pricing Models and their application across Industries




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'Netflix model' for drugs

February 2018

Netflix Model graph black.JPG

Subscription pricing for 

100K patient population

Progressive Pricing models

January 2019

Progressive Pricing simplified black BG.

Fairness in Pricing

Pricing fairness narrow black BG.JPG

August 2019


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San Francisco, CA 94158

415 732 8062

Pricing strategy Optimization 

This course is hosted by Coursera and was developed in collaboration with the University of Virginia Professor Ron Wilcox.

This course is built on the time- three “lenses” framework— economics, customer value, and competition—to build your understanding of the strategic power of pricing. 

Pricing Enablement 

This week long course developed as part of BCG's Pricing Enablement Center allows  teams managing pricing in a company to understand how to best implement appropriate process and tools.

This course is customized by industry.

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