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JMI's Background

A passion for Pricing innovation

Jean-Manuel Izaret (JMI) grew up in France and studied engineering and innovation at Ecole Centrale and economics at Science Po. In 1997 he earned his PhD from Ecole Centrale on the the topic of Perceived Quality in service distribution networks.


His first experience with Pricing came when he worked at Shell from 1992 to 1995 where he became responsible for pricing and promotions of its service station network. 

He joined BCG in 1997 and worked in France and Spain on strategy and growth in Retail, Health Care and Airline Industry. In 1999 he moved to San Francisco and focus on Pricing in the Tech industry but also Industrial goods, Financial Services and Bio-pharmaceuticals.

He has lead BCG's Pricing and Revenue Management practice globally since 2007. He helps companies across industries grow their top line by optimizing their pricing strategy including product line-up, pricing model, price points, promotions, discounts, rebates and incentives.

In 2016 he became a fellow with the Bruce Henderson Institute where he focuses on Pricing model transformation. He started by finalizing and publicizing a new model for licensing drugs, the 'Netflix Model'. This model is designed to increase access to expensive medical treatments like DAA (Direct Acting Antivirals) for Hepatitis C and reduce Health Care costs.

Since 2018 he has been working on a generalization of the 'Netflix Model' to other industries. This includes a model called Progressive Pricing where customers pay a fix proportion of the value they get from a product or service.  

JMI is currently working on a research effort to understand the perceived fairness of pricing practices across the world and the value and risk of various ways to implement pricing discrimination.

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