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How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society 

Publishing House: Wiley

The right pricing strategy can change the entire trajectory of a business, a market, and even society at large. To help you create your best pricing strategy efficiently and confidently, two leaders from BCG are introducing fresh perspectives on pricing that take you far beyond the realm of mind-numbing numbers.

In the new book Game Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society, Jean-Manuel Izaret and Arnab Sinha simplify and clarify pricing strategy by integrating its many frameworks and concepts into seven distinct pricing games, each with its own proven tools, rules, forces, and structures. To help you pick the right game and play it well, Izaret and Sinha have developed the Strategic Pricing Hexagon, a tool refined through years of testing, iteration, and adaptation. The Hexagon is your portal to a business world where stronger growth and better financial performance come from a set of strategic pricing decisions, not endless myopic quests for optimal prices.

But more than that, the Hexagon will change the way you think about and talk about pricing. The current conversation around pricing – as expressed through economics textbooks, Excel spreadsheets, political discourse, and educated guesswork – makes it easy to believe that pricing is nothing more than a technical, tactical and, for most people, boring game of numbers. Game Changer changes that conversation by sharing stories and research that bring the Hexagon and its seven pricing games to life.

With research from BCG’s Bruce Henderson Institute and real-world examples from the world's most influential companies, the authors and their colleagues at BCG define pricing strategy as a business leader’s or business owner’s conscious decisions about how money flows in their market. They show how companies succeed in the long term when they focus on collaborative growth and value sharing with customers, not zero-sum value extraction from them.

Discover how you can create and implement a winning pricing strategy that changes the trajectory of your business, your market, and even society.

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