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Redefining Society Podcast

In this episode, JMI envisions a world where economic dynamics intricately intertwine with our daily lives, understanding the nuances of strategic pricing becomes imperative. 

OutThinkers Podcast

In this episode, JMI discussed how overwhelming consumers with elaborate promotions, discounts, coupons, and loyalty rewards can weaken consumer loyalty, tarnish brand reputation, and suppress new revenue opportunities. Instead, retailers should adopt a streamlined, customer-centric approach.

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Motley Fool Money Podcast

In this episode, Motley Fool Money’s Deidre Woollard caught up with JMI to talk about his book "Game Changer” and the strategies companies use when they set prices.

BCG's The So What Podcast

In this episode, host Georgie Frost and guest JMI discuss the importance of effective pricing strategies in business growth. He emphasizes that pricing is not just about setting a price but involves a deep understanding of the company, customers, market, and choosing the right pricing model, which can significantly impact a business's success.

Professional Pricing Society Podcast

In this episode, host Kevin Mitchell and guest JMI discuss the seven fundamental pricing games that inform strategic pricing decisions and support long term growth and profits. 

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